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2004 Ski-Doo GSX 500SS Options (Gsx Sport 1+1 & Gsx Limited 1+1)

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Diagrams Shown are for U.S. Models

Options (Gsx Sport 1+1 & Gsx Limited 1+1)

Prices shown are USD

A arm protector black for REV
A arm protector orange for REV
A arm protector yellow for REV
Bag, handlebar bag (REV)
Bag, handlebar REV
Bag, mask
bag, Muffs for 1+1 seat
Bag, racing combo, REV X
Bag, racing saddle bag, REV X
Bag, saddle bag (LF + RH), (REV)
Bag, saddle classic
Deep Black, LH Panel
RH Panel
LH Panel, Yellow B-190
RH Panel
Cam Ass'y Modèle 800 HO
Cam Ass’Y 47° Modèle 800 HO
Came Ass'y Modèle 800 HO
Cam Ass'y Modèle 800 HO
Cam Ass’Y Modèle 800 HO
Cam Ass’Y Modèle 800 HO
Clear tail light
Center Console, Black
Center Console
Center Console, Yellow
Cover Racing REV sport, Solution dyed
Toile Racing Sport pers.
Cover REV sport 1+1
Toile REV sport 1+1 pers.
Cover REV sport 1UP, nylon
Cover REV sport 1UP, Solution dyed
Cover REV Sport pers.
Cover REV sport, Ultra
Cover, bottom pan REV
Drive Belt
Extension kit SC-10 (136) REVX
Gauge, temperature, electric, White fac
Grill kit, orange (REV)
Ens. de grilles, gris espion (REV)
Grill kit, yellow (REV)
Deep Black, Handlebar deflector
Handlebar deflector, orange B228
Handlebar deflector, yellow B190
Heated grips open end (intr. Element) bl
Hitch Ass’y Kit
Hitch, tongue type REV (121")
Hood, Black
Hood, Orange, B-228
Hood, Silver, B-243
Hood, Yellow
Jerry can kit (can, brack, strap, …)
Knee pad REV, black
Mirrior REV panel mount kit
Mirrior REV steering mount kit
Mirrors, kit ( REV series ) Standard
Nonskid strip kit, black (REVX 2004 121"
Nonskid strip kit, yellow (REVX 2004 121
Plastic handle ski scarlet red B-212
Black, Handle
Ski Handle Kit, Blue B-226
Plastic handle ski, orange B-228
Plastic handle ski, viper red B-176
Handle Kit, Yellow
Outlet Power Kit, 12 Volts
Rear Suspension Springs LH 140°, 1.98 N•
Rear Suspension Springs RH 140°, 1.98 N•
Rear trunk lid, yellow(REV)
Rewind handle scarlet red
Rewind handle, Red
Rewind handle, Yellow
Shock protector kit Scarlet red B-212
Shock Protector Kit, Black
Shock protector kit, blue labr. B-226
Shock protector kit, orange B-228
Shock protector kit, Titane
Shock Protector Kit, yellow B190
Shovel bracket kit
Ski Flex ( Bridge & fasteners kit )
Ski plastic ( Flex ), Amethyst M-530
Ski-Liner Flex
Ski-Liner Flex Blue
Ski-Liner Flex Red
Ski-Liner Flex Yell
Precision Ski, Yellow
Ski plastic ( Precision ), Scarlet red B
Ski plastic (Flex) scarl. Red B212
Precision Ski, Blue, B-226
Ski plastic (PRECISION), mix blk/yel
Ski plastic (PRECISION), mix yel/ viper
Ski plastic (PRECISION), orange B-228
Ski runner ( Precision )
Carbide Runner Kit Standard
Ski runner 6"/4" 60 degree, Precision
Ski runner 6"/4" 90 degree, Precision
Skid plate, black (REV)
Skid plate, orange (REV)
Skid plate, yellow (REV)
Sled Dolly 2 Wheels
Sled shop wheels, yellow
Suspenssion quick ajustment kit
Box Cover
Tunnel protector kit ( REV X 121")
Tunnel protector kit ( REV X 121-136" 1
Wheel 180mm for rear suspension kit
Pare-brise med mobile Split
Windshield, med black (REV)

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